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Much more than a multifaceted network of acquired, consolidated and managed companies, is an industrial group that operates with a precise entrepreneurial philosophy, based on the ability to intuit the right markets and prospects best prospects for development. Only through a thorough analysis of the market sector is it decided whether to take
important steps in terms of investment and management.

The process thus goes through the acquisition of a controlling interest in the company that ensures its direct management with a view to revitalization and development.

For, the real value of an acquisition transaction is not given by the medium to short term exploitation of the increase in value of the acquired company, but by the rationalization of production processes and the coordination of the various intra-group synergies, which can guarantee economic growth in the long term.

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“In diversification we always learn, we have more fun.
We are passionate about getting
in order and relaunching a company.

And then we almost always fall in love with it”

"The Environmental Policy is now more than ever one of the central elements of's mission."

Our goal is to achieve a proper balance between resource use and long-term economic growth that will, at the same time, ensure a better quality of life for present and future generations.

ENVIRONMENT invests significantly each year to ensure the proper management of water, land, air and soil and commits each year to:

  • optimize the recovery of renewable resources in its production processes

  • monitor production sites to reduce and prevent negative impacts on the environment

  • apply the best environmental standards in compliance with applicable local regulations.

The role played by Pontenossa S.p.A. in the recovery of zinc oxide from steel mill dust is a clear example of the Group's orientation toward the circular economy, which in the specific sector has led it to be a leader in Italy and at the top in Europe. All of the Group's companies are committed to this effort toward sustainability and the circular economy, and, for example, Gio' Style recently received a prestigious award, with the "fight against waste" label as part of the campaign established by the Ministry of the Environment

"On our path toward sustainability, we have consolidated an economic model capable of creating wealth and jobs through a growing environmental culture. Respect for the environment is not only a fundamental human value, but also a strategic factor of competitiveness and growth for companies."

This is a great place to add a tagline.

“In addition to recognizing safety as a strategic value, concrete actions are needed: that's why we have established a common Safety Management System for all Group plants and are committed to maintaining the high standard achieved, while raising awareness among workers and people.”

/ SAFETY is devoted to the constant monitoring of potential risk agents of occupational exposure, dust, noise, vibration and machinery and promotes the development of a culture that ensures in all Group locations the protection of its employees. It does this by allocating a substantial annual investment budget and entering into contracts with companies that handle safety issues, conducting internal monitoring at the Group's various locations.

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