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From 1957 to the present, a constantly growing group.


We have always liked doing something new, tackling different situations to improve them, exploring new markets by taking small steps."


It is with this mindset that, the financial holding company of Felice Colombo and his brothers Angelo and Carlo, has built its industrial experience, which today sees it successfully engaged in multiple sectors: controlling and associated interests in industrial, commercial and real estate activities and significant financial holdings in Italian and international companies.

Since its inception in 1960, has moved its steps according to a precise industrial vision that sees diversification as its successful business model. From the galvanizing business, the heart of the Colombo family's entrepreneurship, entered the zinc oxide production market in the mid-1980s, of which it became Italy's leading producer and the third in Europe. As part of its expansion program, in the mid-1990s, acquired the Pontenossa plant, which is involved in the recovery and treatment of steel mill fumes for the production of Waelz oxide, now among the Group's most important activities in terms of turnover and investment.


Alongside its expansion projects in the zinc sector, remains an important reference for its plastic molding business for industry and the furniture sector, which has been joined since 2008 by the creation of its own line of design-for-food items under the Mebel brand. Since 2009, having acquired control of Ceta, has been producing scaffolding for construction and grandstands, stages and seats for sports and entertainment.


Since the late 1960s, has been operating with great success in the distribution of bathroom and plumbing fixtures. Its five stores and two Smir-branded showrooms represent one of its most established businesses. Finally, is present in the sports sector with two golf clubs, a sports center with swimming pools, fitness and wellness center. In the real estate sector, the most prestigious initiative is the architectural renovation of the Borgo di Camuzzago, managed with the collaboration of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.



Millions of euros



Square meters








Gradual and steady growth of companies while respecting the real financial capacity of the Group: with this value has been working to grow its companies for over 50 years.

Today, the 13 industrial and commercial sites, all owned by real estate companies belonging to and covering a total area of 331 thousand square meters, 132 thousand of which are covered, achieve a total aggregate turnover of about 161 million euros and employ 276 people.


" In our companies we have capable people who not only know their work, but also give heart and soul to the company. Definitely a great value of our Group "

In order to remain competitive in the market, it is necessary to make intelligent use of responsible and qualified management that can guarantee technical and managerial skills within an increasingly competitive environment.

For this reason, the Group, born from the entrepreneurial ability of the Colombo family and characterized by an innovative approach, welcomes generational change by choosing to make use of new talents to support the management and development of its businesses.

Human resources represent a great value of the Group and constitute its strength, effectiveness and capital for the future. Therefore, support for family management takes place at every level, in teamwork and goal sharing.

Through this value, the Group defines and guides everyday choices, fulfilling its mission: to grow through a strategy that promotes individual business realities and skills.

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