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“ In our companies we have good people who not only know their job, but give their heart and soul to the company. Definitely a great value of our Group. ”

In order to remain competitive in the market, it is necessary to make intelligent use of a responsible and qualified management, able to guarantee technical and management skills within an increasingly competitive context.

For this reason the Group, born from the entrepreneurial skills of the Colombo family and characterized by an innovative approach, welcomes the generational change by choosing to use new talents to support the management and development of its companies.

Human resources represent a great value for the Group and constitute its strength, effectiveness and capital for the future. Support for family management therefore takes place at every level, in teamwork and in shared objectives.

Through this value, the Group defines and guides the choices made on a daily basis, fulfilling its mission: grow through a strategy that promotes individual company entities and individual competencies.

Co.Ge.Fin. SpA values and mission

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