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“In addition to recognising safety as a strategic value, concrete actions are needed: for this reason we have established a common safety management system for all the Group’s plants and we are committed to maintaining the high standards achieved, raising awareness among workers and people”.

Operating in compliance with local regulations on health and safety at work: it is through this strategic value that the Group manages to ensure responsible attention to the health of employees in the workplace. The production centres and plants must function correctly and the operating conditions for the management of industrial structures and maintenance must be optimal in order to preserve the health and safety of personnel and the working environment.

Safety policy - Co.Ge.Fin. SpA

For this reason, is committed to the constant monitoring of potential agents of occupational exposure risk, dust, noise, vibration and machinery and promotes the development of a culture that ensures the protection of its employees in all Group locations. It does so by allocating a substantial annual investment budget and stipulating contracts with companies that manage security issues, carrying out internal monitoring of the various realities of the Group.

Safety policy - Co.Ge.Fin. SpA

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