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“ In our sector, the plants are built appropriately in a suitable way and require experience and skills. Each customer asks for personalized products and services ”

We believe in the importance of experience, but also of innovation applied to the study of materials, investment in new technologies and their use: for this reason we aim at an entrepreneurial approach that sees opportunities for growth and progress in change.

The Group directs its activities ensuring that the products and services provided are always the same as the best existing innovations and ensure the highest degree of effectiveness and quality. The commitment of in research and innovation is therefore of strategic importance for its growth and the policy of investment in innovation and research is developed on several fronts.

  • Investments in technology, plant and industrial machinery.
  • Modernizzazione and optimisation of production / industrial processes.
  • Research and development of new technical solutions for the use of alternative materials.
  • Research on new forms applied to design.

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