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“ You always learn when you diversify, you have more fun. We are passionate about putting a company in order and relaunching it. And then we almost always fall in love with it ”.

Much more than a heterogeneous network of companies acquired, consolidated and managed, is an industrial group that operates with a precise entrepreneurial philosophy, based on the ability to understand the right markets and the best prospects for development. Only through an in-depth analysis of the market sector it is possible to decide whether to take important steps in terms of investment and management.

The process thus passes through the acquisition of a controlling stake in the company that guarantees its direct management with a view to relaunching and developing it.

For the real value of an acquisition transaction is not given by the medium-short term exploitation of the increase in value of the acquired company, but by the rationalization of the production processes and the coordination of the various intra-group synergies, which can ensure economic growth in the long term.

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