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Pontenossa SpA


Via Prealpina Orobica, 60
24028 Ponte Nossa (BG) ITALY
phone +39 035 701006
fax +39 035 701786

OHSAS 18001:2007

The plant located in Pontenossa, Bergamo, currently treats the major part of steel plant dust produced in the Lombardy region.

The production process for the extraction of non-ferrous metals from steelmaking powders uses Waelz technology.

The production of Waelz Oxide has a high ecological value. At the heart of the plant is the 60-metre long rotary kiln, which each year allows the recovery of 50,000 tonnes of zinc and lead otherwise destined for waste dumps.

Powder treatment of steelworks

Pontenossa deals with the recovery and treatment of metals contained in powdered residues from steel production in steel plants.
The plant, which is located in Pontenossa (BG), supports the major steelworks in northern Italy, offering them an efficient and continuous collection and treatment of dust aimed at the recovery of Oxide Waelz.

At the forefront of the circular economy, Pontenossa S.p.A. contributes significantly to the disposal of industrial waste in such a delicate sector as the steelworks, drastically reducing, among other things, the quantity of materials that are in any case destined for landfill.
Also for passivation, in a perspective of deep ecological awareness, a chromium-free product is used,

composed of a mixture of organic substances that confer resistance to oxidation during the storage of hot-galvanized products.

In order to offer an increasingly complete service, the finishing process with Triplex® System has been added to the galvanizing process in the San Gervasio Bresciano plant, perfected thanks to nanotechnologies. The Triplex® System guarantees perfect adherence of the paint on the galvanized metal. An excellent finish in line with the most restrictive environmental provisions.

Pontenossa SpA

‘Waelz’ Oxide production process

The technology and know-how behind the activity are those internationally used on a large scale for the treatment of this type of waste and known as the ‘Waelz process’.

At the heart of the plant is a 60m long high temperature rotary kiln with a diameter of 4m. Inside, the powders undergo a process of extraction of non-ferrous metals (zinc and lead), which come out with the gaseous stream in the form of Waelz Oxide from which, thanks to further processing, zinc metal is then obtained by the customers of Pontenossa.

The production of Waelz Oxide has a high ecological value because it allows to recover, at present, about 50,000 tons/ year of zinc and lead that would otherwise be destined in the form of steel plant powder, to landfills for waste.

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