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Colombo Idro

Colombo Idro

Via Adda, 50
20882 Bellusco (MB) ITALY
phone +39 039 6021174
fax +39 039 6021220

Smir distributes wholesale and retail items for bathroom furnishings and thermohydraulic materials.

The activity is developed through five distribution points in Milan San Rocco, Milan Porta Genova, Vimodrone (MI), Muggiò and Bellusco (MB), and three showrooms in the sales points in Milan San Rocco, Milan Porta Genova and Bellusco (MB).
/Colombo Idro

Bathroom furniture and plumbing

Smir and Aqua Moon by Smir are the brands for the wholesale and retail distribution of bathroom furnishings and plumbing, heating, air conditioning and interior and exterior cladding of the most important national and foreign brands.

The highly qualified staff, the efficient pre and after sales service and a centralised warehouse make the Smir brand a qualified point of reference in the sector throughout the region for the most demanding architects and clients.

Colombo Idro
Colombo Idro

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