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Via Grumello, 47/49
24127 Bergamo (BG) ITALY
phone +39 035 4548511
fax +39 035 261622

OHSAS 18001:2007

Since 1947 Ceta has been producing scaffolding systems and components for the building industry and structures for shows and sporting events.
Every single product has certifications meeting the highest quality standards.
Ceta - Co.Ge.Fin. SpA
Ceta - Co.Ge.Fin. SpA
Ceta - Co.Ge.Fin. SpA
Ceta - Co.Ge.Fin. SpA

Building, sport and entertainment

CETA is the Group company specialized in the design and production of scaffolding systems, building components and structures for shows and sporting events.

Founded in 1947 in Bergamo, CETA designs and manufactures, sells and rents tubular steel scaffolding for the building industry and sports facilities, prefabricated and telescopic grandstand seatings, platforms, seatings, roofs and fittings for sports facilities.

Over the years, CETA has developed a high level of competence that makes it today a leading company in the sector for the completeness of its product range and the high standards of quality and safety. The technicians participate in the work for the definition of the Italian and European regulations as experts in the field.

Ceta - Co.Ge.Fin. SpA

The professional project management service and the qualified technical and commercial assistance make CETA a competent partner in every phase of the project, from the elaboration of calculation reports and tests, to the development of the plant with demonstrations of assembly and disassembly of the products.

Thanks to a constant plan of investments in research and development of new technologies and patents, to a careful selection of suppliers of raw materials and to a totally robotized production process, CETA has reached a very high qualitative level.

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